Fad Free For Life

What is Fad Free For Life?

If you’re willing to change, to commit, and to learn, then Fad Free For Life could be the thing you need to lose fat and keep it off for life.

No more fad diets.

No more missing out.

8-Weeks of coaching in an online, group environment providing you with education, tips, and motivation. 


The issue with most diets / slimming clubs etc. , is as soon as the diet finishes, or you stop attending the club, you revert back to your previous way of eating, and undo the progress you had made.



Because most of the popular diets aren’t sustainable in a real world environment. 

They don’t teach you the important stuff - balance.

You feel bad for eating out with friends, attending big events, drinking at the weekend etc. You feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon, and your diet goes to pot. 


The difference with Fad Free For Life?

It’s 8-weeks of coaching, but more importantly, education and skills to last you a lifetime.

What’s Included?

  • Group coaching in a supportive and motivational environment

  • Weekly Live FB Q&A

  • Bespoke calorie and protein goals

  • A toolbox to help you improve your sleep, increase hydration, balance weekly calories and more

  • Recipe ideas

  • Example daily meal plans

  • Nutrition education

  • Skills to carry forward for life

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The Aim

  • To lose fat

  • Sleep better

  • Have more energy 

  • Feel amazing! 


MONDAY 6th JUNE 2022

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