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We Eat, We Move TOGETHER

What is it?

A friendly community space full of inspiration, accountability, and education to help you on your journey to improve your health and / or lose fat. ⁠


My aim has always been to help people avoid the silly diet traps I fell into for year. ⁠

With this group, I can reach more people than ever before.⁠

I spent months quizzing people about what they struggle with when it comes to fat loss and improving their health through their diet. From that, We Eat, We Move TOGETHER was born!

Studies have also shown that people who tackle health and weight loss as part of a group are more successful - so let’s do this together!⁠

Tell me more…⁠

You’ll have 24/7 access to a Facebook group that contains over 15 guides so you can really LEARN about nutrition and overall wellbeing. ⁠

Everyday at 09:00 I’ll give you a new recipe, and every evening at 20:00 we’ll check in with each other and see how the day went. ⁠

Who is it for?

Almost everyone!⁠

Maybe you have a PT, but need a little more help with nutrition. ⁠

Maybe you want some more inspiration for recipes.⁠

Maybe you want some more accountability. ⁠

Maybe you want to be able to easily reach out to others on the same journey as you.⁠

I’ve designed this group to be suitable for most people.⁠

How much is it?

£7.99 a month

How do I sign up?

Drop me an email to stay in the loop!

Terms & Conditions

By signing up you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms & Conditions

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