I completed a 12 week course with Becky and can genuinely say this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I've learned so much, I feel so much more confident around food, I can make the right choices and enjoy eating without any guilt. I lost inches and inches and am so happy with the results I've achieved. Becky has changed my life, no exaggerating. I feel like a different person.


Having worked with Becky now for the best part of a year I honestly can say she has changed my life and that is not an exaggeration. I have run marathons for many years and always worked very hard at my training but never fully understood or appreciated the role nutrition plays in achieving your goals. I have now lost a stone, am stronger and injury free, and have taken 18 minutes off my marathon personal best, achieving my dream goal of Good For Age under her guidance. There is no doubt that her honest and friendly manner can help you achieve your goals. I recommend her 100% and will return to working with her again when my next marathon training block comes round.


What a great 12 weeks on Becky’s group Coaching Fad Free for Life. I learned so much! So much to learn that I thought I already knew. Becky educated us on so much more than just food, it was also about hydrating, sleeping, eating more protein, stepping, measuring, preparing, non scale victories and being part of such an awesome community, and particularly in our case; of women supporting women! If you’re thinking about it, don’t think, just do it! You will not be disappointed!


Becky is fantastic! I spent 2 months as a 121 client and I learned so much. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes with the knowledge she’s given me and even better, I’ve kept the weight off in the 3 months since my coaching ended. The absolute icing on the cake has been the food. Becky gives delicious recipes & I’m eating more than ever & really enjoying what I eat!


Becky has given me tools for life - keeping it simple, fun and most importantly effective!! Would 100% recommend the Fad Free for Life programme for a great group coaching experience. Weight loss, inch loss and a new mindset! Best money I’ve spent on myself in a long time.


I would very much recommend Working with Becky and following her Fad Free programme. The programme has given me back control of my eating. My habits have changed and apart from losing weight and changing my body shape, I now no longer comfort eat. I understand the foods that keep me fuller for longer and I can recognise when I am hungry or just thirsty. Water is my go to drink and not a diet coke. Becky has given me so much support and encouragement, along with the amazing ladies who were on the programme with me, sharing our ups and our downs made me feel like I was never on this journey on my own.

Join the next group and I can assure you, that you wont look back

Sarah C. 

Becky is fantastic, knowledgeable and lovely! Provides great support and really helps educate you. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Charles B. 

Becky has good knowledge and is realistic in her approach. She knows that there is not a “one size fits all” and each person is an individual; meaning you get a fully genuine bespoke plan that is tailored to the individual and their circumstances/goals.

I have found working with Becky to be easy. She is approachable& available 24/7 for her clients.

Becky has helped improve my understanding& knowledge of how best to fuel for running& life in general.

Highly recommend.

Vicki T.

I would like to give a huge positive recommendation for this amazing lady and her business "We Eat We Move"
Becky is fantastic and she 100% knows her stuff and can help you understand your personal nutrition without baffling you!
Professional, supportive and responsive to any questions and there is finally someone who understands all you need for fuelling for this crazy running habit 😄