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How To Lose Fat

I regularly get asked “What’s the best way to lose fat?”⁣

Let’s strip fat loss right back.⁣

We have three main options:⁣

1. Eat as you are, but move more⁣

2. Move as you are, but eat less⁣

3. Eat less, move more⁣

These three things *may* create a calorie deficit, which in turn, will lead to fat loss.⁣

When won’t they create a calorie deficit?⁣

1. If you’re consuming 5000kcals a day, moving to burn that much will be tough.⁣

2. Eating less can lead you to feel lethargic if not managed possible, you therefore may end up moving less without really realising, or just generally feeling awful. ⁣

3. As above, if your diet hasn’t been built correctly you may feel rubbish, hungry, angry etc. ⁣

If you build a well balanced diet, full of protein, and a good 80/20 ratio of whole foods vs non-whole foods, then option 3 is the BOMB for fat loss. ⁣

The above is the VERY basics, so don’t @ me saying “omg there’s way more to it than that”. ⁣

Trust me, I get it.⁣

The principles stay the same. ⁣

The individual circumstances change.⁣

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