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Is Your Afternoon Coffee Keeping You Awake? ☕️

☕️ Ah coffee, wonderful bean juice, how I love thee! ☕️ ⁣

Are you a coffee lover or hater? ♥️❌⁣

Does it kick start your morning? ☀️⁣

Do you reach for it to beat an afternoon slump? 🥱⁣

If it's the latter, and you suffer from poor sleep - then hey… could be your issue.⁣

Caffeine has an AVERAGE half life (the time is takes for half of the active dose to leave your system) of 6 hours.⁣

It can be much shorter in some individuals, but much longer in others.⁣

Therefore, if you're reaching for a double espresso shot at 4pm to try and find the energy to make it through to the end of the day, there's a chance that this is still buzzing around your system and impacting your sleep at bed time.⁣

We've spoken about how important sleep is, and good quality sleep at that - SO THIS IS AN ISSUE!!⁣

As a rule of thumb, I avoid coffee for the 9hours before I plan to go to bed. ⁣

Being sleepy in the evening is a good thing, it prepares your body for rest.⁣

Sleeping is a good thing.⁣

Coffee is a great thing - but let's keep it to those AM hours ☕️⁣

NB Everyone is different. Some people can have a coffee at 10pm and still sleep. If you work night shifts the rules are also different!⁣

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