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Protein Pancakes // NO Protein Powder Needed! 🍌 🥞

🥞 🍌 🥞 🍌 🥞 🍌 🥞⁣

Let’s be honest, cooking with protein powder can be seriously hit or miss!⁣

I was desperate to sort out a good pancake stack that was delicious, but also still hitting that 20g+ protein per serving amount.⁣

The key here is using quark to sandwich your stack together - bringing 12g of protein to the plate.⁣

Give it a go - tag me in your creations!⁣

400kcals | 26.2g Protein ⁣



1x banana⁣

1x egg⁣

25g plain flour⁣

100g quark⁣

Maple Flavdrops (optional)⁣

85g Raspberries⁣

10g Manilife Peanut Butter⁣


1. Mash the banana in a bowl⁣

2. Stir through the flour and egg until combined⁣

3. Dollop into a hot pan⁣

4. After a few mins flip and continue⁣

5. Mix the Quark with Flavdrops if using⁣

6. Sandwich the quark between the pancakes⁣

7. Top with raspberries and PB!

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